Recent projects

2023-2026: Project title: ‘Propaganda and disinformation research: machine learning-based automatic recognition, impact and societal resilience’. Project ID: No. S-VIS-23-8. Implementation period: 01.09.2023 – 30.06.2026. Funding: Lithuania government commissioned studies Priority research programme 2023-2026 „Building Societal Resilience and Crisis Management in the Context of Contemporary Geopolitical Developments”. Implementation via Lithuanian Research Council. ATSPARA – Project on propaganda and disinformation research (

2018-2022: High Level Investigator R&D SMART project No 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-01-0060 (EU Social Fund), 'Integrated augmented reality research for socially disabled people (blind and partially sighted)'. Responsibilities: Supervisor. Web link: FTS-Project.

2017-2020: LMT Research Group Project No. P-MIP-17-368 'Development of a metric, conceptual and simulation model of social impact of cultural processes'. With Lithuanian and foreign partners. Responsibilities. Web link:

2011-2016: research project funded by the EU Structural Funds Programme, project No VP1-3.1-SMM-07-V, "CREATION OF OSCILLATIONS BASED PARADIGM FOR SIMULATION OF SOCIAL SYSTEMS BEHAVIOR". Responsibilities: Supervisor. Web link: monograph.